Who can become members?

Any person who:
Possesses the professional qualification to practice as Clinical Psychologists in Hong Kong, which shall generally be a satisfactory completion of an approved course of post-graduate training in the field of Clinical Psychology at a recognized institution, and
Is engaged in the practice of Clinical Psychology under one or a combination of the following professional activities:
  1. Employed as a Clinical Psychologist in the public sector or a non-government organization in Hong Kong;
  2. In private practice as a Clinical Psychologist;
  3. In teaching activities in a discipline involving direct application of the knowledge in Clinical Psychology, and/or
  4. In research activities in direct relations with Clinical Psychology

Membership category:


  1. Pay the entrance fee and annual subscription. The amount would be decided by the Executive Committee and endorsed by the General Meeting
  2. Pay for other contributions, fees and levies as may be decided by the Executive Committee
  3. All members must abide by the rules of the Association
  1. Attend the General Meeting and have the right to vote at it
  2. Receive the newsletter of the Association regularly
  3. Get discount in enrolling in courses or activities arranged by the Association


Honorary member

  1. Is not required to pay annual subscription
  2. Shall continue to pay other subscriptions or levies as may be decided by the Executive Committee
  3. All members must abide by the rules of the Association
  1. Same as member except that he or she does not have the right to vote in General Meeting




Membership fee:

Entrance fee:
Annual subscription:
HK$100 (Joining from Jan to June)
HK$50 (Joining from July to Dec)

Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme


What is the Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Policy?

This policy is tailor-made for HKCPA members to cover for indemnity arising from breach of professional duty in employment as a clinical psychologist.

What are the requirements for joining?

At the time of application, each subscribing member should fulfill the following 3 conditions:
  1. has fully paid-up the HKCPA annual subscription fee of the year insured;
  2. has fully paid-up the annual membership fee of both Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) and Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP); and
  3. agrees to abide by the rules and regulations (including Code of Professional Conduct) of HKPS & DCP.
Insurance company:
Liberty Specialty Markets Hong Kong Limited (